Plant-Based Potato Milk: A Sustainable Marvel

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Ever held a potato and wondered, “What if this humble spud could be the source of my next glass of milk?”

Well, hold on to your latte mugs because the world of plant-based milks is about to get a lot more interesting with plant based potato milk.

You see, our dear old friend Mr. Potato has been quietly moonlighting in labs across Sweden. And no, it’s not for another variety of vodka.

The result? A sustainable and creamy alternative that’s set to stir up the dairy-free scene. From its unique properties compared to other non-dairy alternatives like oat or almond milk; health benefits; versatility in recipes; even down to its environmental impact – there’s much we’ll dive into.

Hold on, we’re about to dive deep into this fascinating innovation.

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Unveiling Plant-Based Potato Milk

Have you ever sampled plant-based milks such as oat, almond or pea protein? But have you ever heard of potato milk? That’s right. The latest entrant in the alternative milks market is plant-based potato milk.

The Unique Properties of Potato Milk

Potato milk, as the name suggests, is a non-dairy beverage derived from potatoes. It’s made by Swedish company DUG and has been winning over consumers with its low climate footprint (0.27 – 0.31 kg CO2e/kg) DUG claims. This unique plant-based milk offers a sustainable option to traditional dairy and other nut milks due to its land-efficient production process.

This innovative drink retains much of the nutritional value found in whole potatoes while eliminating common allergens present in cow’s milk and many non-dairy alternatives on offer today. Not only does it contain all essential amino acids but also provides vitamin D, B12, and calcium, which are typically hard-to-get nutrients for those following vegan diets.

Comparing Potato Milk with Other Plant-Based Milks

In comparison to popular choices like almond or oat milk, this innovative newcomer stands out not just for its distinctive taste but also for being environmentally friendly; think lower carbon footprint than dairy or most other plant-based options.

A noteworthy aspect about potato milk is that unlike some sweetened varieties of alternative milks available in stores today, it doesn’t need any added sugar thanks to the natural sweetness provided by sweet potatoes used during the manufacturing process itself.

While we’re still waiting eagerly for store-bought versions to reach United States’ shores, they’re already sold across Europe and have received positive reviews for their mild, creamy texture that lacks the overt potato flavor one might expect.

Got a hankering for this newfangled potato milk but can’t find it in your neighborhood store? No worries. Whip up some homemade goodness. It’s simple – you just need boiled potatoes and a few sweet extras.

Key Takeaway: 

Introducing potato milk, a new non-dairy contender gaining attention for its eco-friendly production and health perks. This sustainable choice has a smaller carbon footprint than many plant-based milks, while delivering essential amino acids, vitamins D and B12, plus calcium. The natural sweetness from sweet potatoes means no added sugar is necessary. It’s still on the rise in US markets.

Making Your Own Potato Milk at Home

Ready to explore the world of plant-based milks? Let’s start with a simple, yet super nutritious option – homemade potato milk. Trust me; it’s easier than you think.

Ingredients Required for Homemade Potato Milk

You don’t need any fancy ingredients or tools here. Just grab a white potato, some water, sweetener of your choice (I love maple syrup), and salt.

  • A peeled white potato
  • Sweetener (Maple syrup is my go-to)
  • Salt to taste
  • Water

This recipe is all about simplicity but feel free to add in other flavors like vanilla extract if you wish.

Process of Making Homemade Potato Milk

The process starts by boiling our star ingredient: the humble spud. Toss some cubed spuds into a pot of H2O and cook ’em until they’re soft enough to be squashed easily.

Cook until they’re soft enough to be mashed easily. Here’s a detailed recipe guide that might help as well..

  • Cut one large peeled white potato into cubes
  • Add potatoes in boiling water
  • Cook until soft

Next step involves mashing these boiled potatoes thoroughly till no lumps remain.

Lasty mix this mash with more water while adding sweeteners and salt.

Voila. You have just made yourself some deliciously creamy homemade potato milk.

But remember – practice makes perfect. So keep trying until you get the desired consistency and flavor profile. This potato milk recipe has been my go-to for years, and it never fails to impress.

I’ve also given a shot at filtering the mix using a nut milk bag. It yields an ultra-smooth texture – pretty close to what you’d get off the shelf.

Ready to dive into plant-based milks? Whip up homemade potato milk. All you need is a white spud, water, your favorite sweetener (mine’s maple syrup), and salt. Boil, mash, mix and voila – creamy deliciousness. #DIClick to Tweet

Health Benefits of Plant-Based Potato Milk

Potato milk is a sustainable plant-based alternative to traditional dairy milk. But its appeal goes beyond being eco-friendly, as it’s packed with nutritional benefits that make it an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals.

Nutritional Profile of Potato Milk

Potato milk boasts several essential nutrients and vitamins. Calcium carbonate, an essential nutrient for bone health, is one of the standout ingredients in potato milk. Chicory fiber also makes the list, acting as a prebiotic that promotes gut health by nourishing beneficial bacteria.

The most surprising aspect? Despite what you might think given potato’s reputation, this unique plant-based milk doesn’t taste like potatoes. It has more of a neutral flavor similar to cow’s milk but without any lactose or animal products involved.

Potato Milk for Lactose Intolerance and Dairy Allergies

For those who struggle with lactose intolerance or have allergies to dairy proteins, finding an acceptable milk alternative can be tricky. Fortunately, potato milk offers an option free from common allergens while providing the creaminess many enjoy in their coffee or cereal.

Beyond just being safe for consumption by these groups, potato drink actually has additional benefits worth noting. As mentioned earlier about its carbon footprint size – 75% smaller than regular cow’s diary – making it not only good for your body but also kinder on our planet.

Looking for a dairy-free, eco-friendly milk alternative? Try potato milk. Packed with essential nutrients and sporting a neutral flavor, it’s the perfect choice for your coffee or cereal. Plus, its carbon footprint is 75% smaller than cow’s milk – good newsClick to Tweet

Reviewing Dug’s Plant-Based Potato Milk

The plant-based milk market is burgeoning with choices. But have you ever heard of potato milk? Specifically, a brand called DUG? It might sound surprising, but this Swedish company has brought an exciting innovation in non-dairy milks.

DUG’s original version and unsweetened varieties are gaining popularity due to their unique natural flavor. I’ve tried both versions and let me tell you – they’re delicious. The taste is neutral yet slightly sweet, making them perfect for adding to your morning coffee or cereal.

The texture is creamy and light – very similar to cow’s milk. There isn’t a heavy potato flavor as one might expect; instead, there’s just a hint that adds uniqueness without being overpowering.

One thing that sets DUG apart from other brands on the alternative milks scene is its commitment towards sustainability. According to their claims (and supported by independent studies), producing DUG creates less carbon footprint compared to traditional dairy production methods. In fact, DUG won awards at the World Food Innovation Awards.

This sustainable aspect makes drinking dug not only enjoyable but also guilt-free when considering environmental impact. So next time when craving something different than usual almond or soy milk- give this innovative potato drink a try.

Ever sipped on potato milk? DUG, a Swedish innovator, is stirring up the plant-based scene with their unique and tasty potato milk. With less carbon footprint than dairy, it’s a guilt-free sip. #DairyFree #SustainableLivingClick to Tweet

The Versatility of Plant-Based Potato Milk in Recipes

Plant-based potato milk isn’t just a healthy drink, it’s also a versatile ingredient. From sweet delights to savory dishes, the uses are endless.

Using Potato Milk in Sweet Recipes

Sweet treats love the subtle touch of potato milk. For example, imagine sipping on hot cocoa made with this unique plant-based alternative. The result? A delightful treat that’s creamy and satisfying.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, think pancakes drizzled with maple syrup or even vanilla cupcakes. When substituting cow’s milk in recipes like these, start by using an equal amount of potato milk.

Incorporating Potato Milk in Savory Dishes

Potato milk can shine just as brightly when used in savory recipes too. Think about mashed potatoes or rich cream sauces where dairy typically takes center stage – now there’s room for something new.

This innovative substitute works wonders without altering flavor profiles dramatically because it has a neutral taste compared to other non-dairy milks. DUG Drinks’ award-winning product, for instance, is super easy to incorporate into your cooking routine.

Dish TypePossible Uses With Potato Milk
Sweet Treats:Cakes and Pastries, Breakfast Cereals, Ice Cream
Savory Delights:Mashed Potatoes, Cream Sauces, Soups & Chowders

However, as with any new ingredient, experimentation is key. Attempt to tweak the measure of potato milk in your dishes until you discover the ideal harmony that pleases your taste buds.

Let’s say a recipe asks for one cup of cow’s milk, but using potato makes it feel too watery.

Savor the versatility of plant-based potato milk. It’s not just a healthy drink but an adaptable ingredient for sweet treats and savory dishes. Whip up creamy hot cocoa or perfect mashed potatoes – experimentation is key to find your flavor sweet spot. #PotatoMilkMagicClick to Tweet

The Environmental Impact of Plant-Based Potato Milk Production

As the search for sustainable plant-based milks continues, potato milk is emerging as a promising contender. Not only does it offer a unique flavor and texture, but its environmental impact makes it stand out in the crowded alternative milk market.

Potato milk requires significantly less water to grow compared to almond or cow’s milk. According to Mekonnen & Hoekstra (2011), producing one liter of potato milk requires 56 times less water than almond milk. This land efficiency leads to lower carbon emissions and an overall smaller carbon footprint.

In addition, potatoes are incredibly efficient when it comes to space usage. They’re able to yield more nutrition per square foot than most other crops, making them highly land-efficient and contributing even further towards their low climate footprint.

A Sustainable Alternative

Moving away from traditional dairy products like cow’s milk can help reduce our environmental impact drastically because they require large amounts of resources for production. But not all non-dairy alternatives are created equal when we consider sustainability aspects such as water consumption and land use.

Potato-based drinks like DUG offer us hope with their reduced ecological impacts. As an innovative brand hailing from Sweden – home of some globally recognized green initiatives – DUG has made claims about being exceptionally eco-friendly due largely thanks to using potatoes which naturally need fewer resources during cultivation stages compared with typical nuts used in nut milks or grains used in oat varieties.

Sustainability Meets Innovation

Dug won accolades at the World Food Innovation Awards for their product development that managed balance between providing consumers tasty vegan drink options while maintaining strong focus on environmental responsibility. This is proof that innovative brands can be part of the solution to global sustainability challenges.

Consider making the switch from regular dairy or other plant-based milks to potato milk. Think about the environment and future generations when you pick up that non-dairy milk; there’s a sustainable option now – potato milk. Next time you’re grabbing that non-dairy milk off the shelf, remember – there’s now a sustainable choice: potato milk.

Key Takeaway: 

Potato milk, a plant-based alternative, shines in the sustainability department. It requires less water and land than other milks while offering unique flavor and texture. Brands like DUG demonstrate that delicious vegan options can also be eco-friendly. By choosing potato milk, you’re not just grabbing a non-dairy drink – you’re making an environmentally-conscious choice.

The Growing Market for Plant-Based Milks

There’s a wave sweeping the milk market, and it’s plant-based. The surge in popularity of alternatives like oat, almond, and soy milks is nothing short of impressive. But there’s a new kid on the block that might just steal their thunder: potato milk.

Potato milk isn’t something you’ll find at every corner store – yet. This unique plant-based alternative is starting to make waves mainly in Europe right now where DUG brand, a Swedish company, has started its journey with an exciting product line featuring DUG Original and unsweetened varieties.

DUG won recognition at the World Food Innovation Awards which showcases groundbreaking food products globally each year. It indicates how innovative this potato drink truly is.

Why Potato Milk?

You might be wondering why potatoes? Well aside from being super easy to grow making them land efficient, they offer other advantages too. Unlike some non-dairy milks that can have strong flavors or unusual textures (we’re looking at you nut milks), homemade potato milk offers a more neutral taste while still giving off that desired creaminess.

On top of all these benefits let’s not forget about sustainability. In fact when we consider carbon footprint as well as water consumption during production – two crucial aspects if we want our diets to be sustainable – it seems potatoes are ahead of many competitors here too.

Taste Matters Too

In terms of flavor profile though don’t expect your usual cow’s-milk experience but rather think along lines similar to rice or oat drinks – subtle sweetness combined with creamy texture creating delicious results whether used in coffee tea cooking baking…you name it.

The world is rapidly embracing the concept of plant-based foods, and it’s exciting to see new innovations like potato milk entering the scene. This growth in alternative milks isn’t just about dietary needs or lifestyle choices – it’s a shift towards more sustainable consumption habits too. And with products like DUG’s potato milk winning Food Innovation Awards, this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Key Takeaway: 

Plant-based potato milk is on the rise, making a splash in Europe thanks to its neutral flavor and creamy texture. With sustainability at heart, this innovative beverage from DUG not only wins in terms of carbon footprint and water consumption but also brings an exciting alternative to the ever-growing market for plant-based milks.

FAQs in Relation to Plant Based Potato Milk

Is potato milk good for you?

Potato milk is a solid pick. It’s low in fat, high in vitamin C and B6, plus it’s dairy-free.

Is potato milk a real thing?

Absolutely. Potato milk is plant-based, made from potatoes. It’s both tasty and sustainable.

What is potato milk made of?

Potato milk involves blending boiled white potatoes with sweetener, salt, and water to make the final product.

What does potato milk taste like?

Potato Milk has a smooth texture with subtle flavors—light sweetness mixed with earthy undertones.


It’s clear, the rise of plant based potato milk is stirring up the plant-based milks scene. With its special qualities and velvety consistency, plant-based potato milk stands apart from the typical non-dairy substitutes like oat or almond milks.

This versatile ingredient has not only won awards but also hearts with its sweet to savory dishes applications. Plus, making your own homemade version? Super easy!

The health benefits are remarkable too – a godsend for those struggling with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies. But perhaps most impressively…

Potato milk shines in sustainability. Its production requires less water and land while leaving a smaller carbon footprint than many other alternative milks.

For those looking for a sustainable option that is both flavorful and multi-purpose, potato milk should be your first choice!